Tedd Koren DC: KST Case Of The Week


Every day the Koren Specific Technique Forum gets wonderful stories about doctors’ experiences with KST.

This one was recently posted by Dr. Mark Lynch who practices in the wilds of New Jersey. Please note that Dr. Lynch appreciates that it’s not just knowing what to adjust or correct, but the order that the subluxations need to be corrected in. People are sometimes like combination locks – you need to do things in the correct order to open them up to health. As Dr. Lynch writes:

Pt. had severe headaches for 3 months on a daily basis after being hit in the head at close range with a soccer ball. Went to emergency room to r/o any fractures. There were personality changes of depressed and school work suffering because hard to concentrate. Mom brought daughter to two specialists to find explanations for the severe headaches cause, no tangible answers. Mom brought 14 yo daughter into office after thinking that the neck and skull misalignment could be a cause.
As expected, there were many cranial and some facial and neck subluxations that had to be corrected.

She had 8 office visits. The patient reported a decreasing frequency of headaches, mother noticed a positive change in personality.. more excited, more outgoing, better concentration with school. the patient ended up feeling great and no headaches at all.

I saw the patient 2 more times as a check up in a one month time frame and there has been no more problems since. Its one year later. She is a very happy teenager. Hooray for KST and asking the proper sequence of which cranial / facial and cervical bones to adjust. Sometimes it was not the ones I “thought” should be adjusted.



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