Why Did God Create Cancer?


During an online discussion someone asked, “Why did God create cancer?” What a great question. Why would a truly benevolent Creator do such a thing? Does God hate us? Why would God let cancer exist? Why does God let innocent, good men, women and even children get cancer – and die?

Let us investigate.

Why does cancer exist? I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that your ability to make tumors comes factory installed – your body is genetically programmed (using oncogenes) to create tumors. Not only that, in addition to the body creating tumors, it nourishes the tumors with a blood supply. Why would this occur?

Why would an exquisite creation such as our wisdom-filled body have this built-in seemingly self-destructive mechanism? Is it a mistake? Is the body stupid?

It makes no sense unless …

Unless the tumor the body creates and nourishes serves a purpose. What purpose could it possibly serve?

The role of the tumor

Tumors are highly toxic. We know this because when a tumor is quickly broken up (tumor lysis) so much toxicity (or poison) is released that the person may die.

The role of the tumor is to store or sequester toxins.

Tumors/cancers and toxicity go together. It is observed for example, that toxic chemicals are stored in breast tissue.

Elevated levels of polychlorinated biphenyls, bis (4-chlorophenyl)-1,1 dichloroethene, and bis(4-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1 trichloroethane were found in fat samples from women with cancer, compared with those who had benign breast disease. These results, although preliminary, suggest a role for environmentally derived suspect carcinogens in the genesis of mammary carcinoma.

Falck F, Ricci A Jr, Wolff MS et al. Pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyl residues in human breast lipids and their relation to breast cancer. (PMID:1567239) Archives of Environmental Health. 1992;47(2):143-146.

One independent researcher reported a 100% correlation between root canals and oral infections being on the same side of the mouth as the lung and breast cancers in nearly 4,000 women without a single exception.
Hughes F. Research by Robert Dowling. Am I Dead? … or do I just feel like it. Live Oak, FL: Hobbies for Health, 2007.

For nearly a century it has been known that tumors/cancers concentrated in populations exposed to toxicity – especially to people living or working near, downwind or downriver from chemical factories, refineries, toxic waste and others spewers of poisons. The observation is inescapable – people who are exposed to toxins get cancer. An excellent book on this subject is The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Devra Davis. Dr. Davis writes:

In the 1930s researchers in Germany, Japan, Italy, Scotland, Austria, England, Argentina, US and France showed that where people lived affected getting cancer.
Davis D. The Secret History of the War on Cancer. New York, NY: Basic Books,2007.

Tumors keep toxins from spreading and keep the poisons confined to a small circumscribed area.

Ask an American oncologist, “Why did I get cancer?” and he’ll look at you like a deer in headlights and mumble something about genetic mutations. However, the cause of cancer was well known in Europe. Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, popularizer of the GAPS diet protocol who went to medical school in Russia, says, “In Russia and Europe it was always known that toxicity caused cancer; there was no question about it.” Personal communication with the author, May 2017.

Tumors come and go throughout our lives

Tumors have a limited life span in most cases; tumors come and go all throughout our lives. You may have many tumors today and none tomorrow – if your body is working as it should – because you have a natural ability to remove toxins (detoxification). The tumors then won’t be necessary and your body will dissolve, neutralize and eliminate the tumors.

An example of this is the fascinating revelation that far more tumors/cancers are found on autopsy (for example in victims of auto and other accidents) than are even diagnosed in doctor’s offices. For example:

Clinically apparent breast cancer afflicts 1% of all women between 40-50. On autopsy, it was found in 39% of women 40-50.     

Black WC, Welch HG. Advances in diagnostic imaging and overestimations of disease prevalence and the benefits of therapy. N Engl J Med. 1993; 328:1237–1243.

The body’s ability to dissolve and remove tumors, even life-threatening cancers, is known medically as the phenomenon of spontaneous remission. Spontaneous remission is well documented in the bio-medical literature. The tumors just disappear.

But sadly, not for everyone. When we become over-toxic from repeated exposure to internal toxins (endotoxins) and external toxins (exotoxins) and cannot detoxify quickly enough these necessary growths grow out of control.

Because God Loves Us

From a religious perspective, we may say that God has given us the ability to create tumors/cancers because He loves us. God, nature or the wisdom of the body has installed within us a marvelous self-protective mechanism – the tumor. It is only when we foolish humans often unknowingly repeatedly poison ourselves and continue to do things that interfere with our body’s natural ability to detoxify that this protective mechanism breaks down. Cancer is not the problem – cancer is a symptom of a generalized whole body condition. The tumor is the result, not the cause of the problem. Tumors are designed as defense mechanisms to keep us alive.

Curing cancer and tumors

The tumor is a local symptom reflecting a full-body problem. This approach leads to the creation of one of the most successful approaches to address cancer developed by Josef Issels, MD in addition to others who independently discovered this approach. Dr. Issels, in many cases, restored late stage terminal cancer patients, who had been through unsuccessful chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to health. He writes:

A tumour can only develop in a diseased organism.… The tumor is a symptom of that illness…. Tumours are … a late-stage symptom of a generalized illness affecting the whole body…. To be optimal a cancer treatment has to be a causal one.
Issels J. Cancer: A Second Opinion, The Classic Book on Integrative Cancer Treatment. Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers. 2005:10,11,49.

What about chemotherapy?

The prevailing model of the “War on Cancer” – kill the tumor – is completely backwards. The body wants the tumors. The tumors are not the problem, they are the answer. Attacking the tumor may cause a kickback causing the body to struggle harder to keep the tumor functioning. That’s why studies show that chemotherapy can make tumors more aggressive. For example, this is a headline from www.dailynews.com commenting on an “unexpected” chemotherapy finding:

Headline: Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth.

Scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boosts cancer cell survival. ‘The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected.’
Sun Y, Campisi J, Higano C et al. Treatment-induced damage to the tumor microenvironment promotes prostate cancer therapy resistance through WNT16B. Nature Medicine.18, 1359–1368, (2012) doi:10.1038/nm.2890. Published online 05 August 2012

The answer to a toxic condition is not more toxicity. Chemotherapy is highly toxic and is itself carcinogenic (cancer causing). That is why the success rate of chemotherapy been described in one of the largest studies ever done as “appalling.”
Abel U., Chemotherapy of advanced epithelial cancer – a critical review. Biomed Pharmacotherapy. 1992;46(10):439-52.

Echoing that finding, a major study reviewing fifteen years of chemotherapy treatments found that the five-year survival rate for those on chemotherapy with the most common cancers that caused the most deaths was zero to about 2 or 3%.
Morgan G, Ward R, Barton M. The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. Clinical Oncology. 2004; 16:549-560.

That chemotherapy harms patients is well known:

Not only did chemotherapy not benefit patients … it appeared most harmful to those patients with good performance status … use in patients with terminal cancer may need to be revised.
Prigerson HG, Bao Y, Shah MA. Chemotherapy use, performance status, and quality of life at the end of life. JAMA Oncol. Published online. July 23, 2015.

For a complete healing

For a complete healing of cancer, we must address its cause. What a person diagnosed with cancer needs most is detoxification, nourishment, stress relief, a health- promoting lifestyle and avoidance and removal of toxicity.

The goal of the healthcare practitioner should be locating the cause of the toxicity (both internal and external) and working with the patient to enhance detoxification, cleansing and purification for a complete recovery.

There’s a reason why detoxification practices such as hot baths, sauna, fasting, cleanses, herbs and many others are found in every culture through humanity’s history. If the ancient Greeks, Romans, and native peoples from all over the world understood the need for detoxification, shouldn’t modern day Americans? We, as a culture, are far more toxic than any other civilization, and we have the diseases to show for it.

Other procedures

Proper energy flow, body balance and emotional peace are essential for the promotion of healing of all diseases – especially chronic ones such as cancer.  To be effective in healing, the entire person must be addressed. Chiropractic, osteopathy, body work, emotional therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture and other health care systems should be included.  Koren specific Technique (KST) is a healing protocol that can be used by all of the above to enhance healing effectiveness.

On a personal note, nearly 9 years ago a close family member was diagnosed with life-threatening brain tumors. Using the principles listed above and a system of working with body biofeedback now called KST or Koren Specific Technique that helps the practitioner locate and release areas of toxicity/stress (that most healthcare professionals miss) the tumors disappeared. KST can be used with anyone no matter what the age and no matter what the heath challenges.

The most important thing to remember is the best way to be truly cured is to address the cause. The tumor is not your enemy, it is your ally, so work to promote its function so it will no longer be needed.

Cancer is a disease of toxicity. The most common forms of toxicity, which are unknown to most people, is a subject for another article

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