Tedd Koren DC: Answers A Common Chiropractic Question


Q. What does a chiropractic adjustment do to my body?

A. Lots of great things. At the moment you receive a chiropractic adjustment to remove subluxations in your body hundreds or thousands of body functions improve. Scientists are still discovering all the things a chiropractic adjustment does for you. For example, a recent review of 45 research papers, five case studies, 23 review articles, and eight animal studies found the following health improvements:

• Decreased blood pressure (if needed).

• Improvement in breathing and lung capacity in normal and asthmatic patients.

• Relieved symptoms of inflammation in osteoarthritis.

• Enhanced immune function.

• Improved intestinal and urinary function.

Owens EF, Hoiriis KT, Burd D. Changes in general health status during upper cervical chiropractic care: PBR report. Chiropractic Research Journal. 1998;V(1).



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  1. Avatar MaryAnn C. Ley, D.C. on August 25, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    Not to mention increased flexibility, ROM, decrease in pain, improved sleep patterns…..We just need more research and case reports to be documented and submitted.

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