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Ted, you are an idiot.Suggesting flu shots or other vaccines cause Alzheimers or cancer only promotes hysteria and irrational thoughts regarding vaccinations.  If you could succeed in convincing enough people to forego immunizations and preventative measures you would only increase morbidity and cause unnecessary and preventable deaths. Strong data is available regarding safety and efficacy of these steps in prevention.  Why don’t you suggest that having a spine manipulation causes HIV or stepping on a crack breaks your mothers back.  Keep up the good work in spewing nonsense.

Tedd Koren responds.

I couldn’t have paid someone to write such a silly post.  First of all he spells my name wrong. It’s Tedd with two ds.  I guess that sets the stage.

The literature relating mercury and aluminum to Alzheimer’s has been growing.  Dr. High Fudenberg (MD) the world’s leading immuno-geneticist with over 850 papers published in the world’s most renown bio-medical journals has reported the link between flu shots and Alzheimer’s – and he’s not the only one seeing such a link.

Mortality and morbidity studies from Life Insurance companies of the 19th and 20th centuries (they kept the best records) and from government epidemiologists later on repeatedly show that deaths from infectious diseases of childhood – pertussis, measles, mumps etc had decreased 95-99% before mass vaccination.  Vaccines can claim no credit.  After all no one was being vaccinated and the deaths rates continued dropping – that is unless you think the vaccines work backwards in time.

However chronic illnesses linked to vaccination have repeated risen – from allergies, asthma, autism, learning disorders, diabetes to heart disease and cancer (and so much more) have increased dramatically as we continue to vaccinate younger generations. To that list we must (sadly) include Alzheimers and dementia.

The studies supposedly “proving” the safety and efficacy of vaccination are so flawed as to be considered fraud.  They are akin to the cigarette companies producing studies “proving” that smoking doesn’t cause any health problems.  Of course junk science can “prove” anything but when the actual studies are dissected we find they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. I invite the above write to show me what he is basing his statements on.

The next to the last sentence is a nonsense “straw man” argument which entails making a ridiculous claim and then attacking it.

Thanks for writing.  Please write more.



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