Six Transported To Hospital After Getting Swine Flu Vaccine


Here’s an interesting news article.  Health officials are poo-pooing the incident but I guarantee you there will be no follow up of any of the people who are vaccinated.  That is important because neurological/immunological reactions may occur weeks or months later.

– Tedd

Paramedics were called to Sacred Hearts Academy today after about a dozen people appeared to have a reaction to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

Approximately 300 students and 100 faculty at Sacred Hearts Academy got armed against the H1N1 swine flu Monday morning in the State’s school vaccination clinic. Kindergartener Tai Martinez was one of those students.

“Under the recommendations of her pediatrician we felt confident,” said Tai’s mother Jade Martinez.

But school officials say about a dozen people had an apparent reaction minutes after getting vaccinated. “It ranged from a rash on the arm, to breathing problems, their neck tightened up. A couple became nauseous. The most common complaint was light headedness,” said Betty White, Head of Sacred Hearts Academy.

The Health Department began its H1N1 vaccination clinics on Friday and today held five clinics at schools across Oahu.

Officials say none of the other clinics reported any problems.



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