CDC Autism and Vaccines Study


CDC Autism and Vaccines Study

  Or “There’s nothing to be concerned with
–everyone go back to sleep”

 Tedd Koren, DC


There’s a reason a scientist at a vaccine conference referred to the CDC as the “Centers for Disinformation Control.”

 They continue to spend taxpayers’ money spewing forth poorly written, biased, “junk science” studies that, through their connections, are placed in well-read medical journals for maximum media attention.

 This latest study, by DeStefano et al. 2013, published in The Journal of Pediatrics is no exception. It is entitled “Increasing Exposure to Antibody-Stimulating Proteins and Polysaccharides in Vaccines Is Not Associated with Risk of Autism.” Read it here:

 But before we discuss this particular study let us ask why was this terribly written paper not exposed and just accepted as good research?

 Why are reporters no better than typists when it comes to critically reviewing medical studies? This headline from USA Today is typical of mainstream media fawning:

Full vaccine schedule safe for kids, no link to autism

A new study finds that children who receive the full schedule of vaccinations have no increased risk of autism.

“This is a very important and reassuring study,” says Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer at Autism Speaks, who wasn’t involved in the new paper. “This study shows definitively that there is no connection between the number of vaccines that children receive in childhood, or the number of vaccines that children receive in one day, and autism.”

Media reporters, in a brazen effort not to rock the ship of fools they float on love people in white coats with letters after their names. They must worship them because not a single question about study design, selection bias, conflict of interest or misinterpretation of the data ever passes their lips.

 As Harris Coulter, Ph.D. once commented, “Reporters who are better suited to report on the local flower show or Rotary meeting write up medical stories. They have no training in this field.”

 A more accurate description of the CDC research is found here:

 CDC Claim of No Autism-Vaccine Link Based on Junk Science

 One health care writer Heidi Stevenson appears to have performed an unnatural act that none of the media reporters attempted – she critically read the entire study, not just the abstract. She writes,

 The CDC has produced junk science that demonstrates absolutely nothing, but claims it shows no connection between autism and the vaccine schedule. It’s now spinning it as if it proves that there’s no link between the modern day nightmare of autism and the vaccines that they push for Big Pharma…In no sense does it even come close to demonstrating a lack of association between autism and vaccines. There are several reasons.

 Please read the rest of her critique here; it is much more clearly written than the Pediatrics piece:

 Dumber and dumberer?

 It’s hard to find more foolishness than that which comes out of the mouths of MDs and their fellow travelers (pharmaceutically-financed researchers). It if weren’t for the fact that we’re taking about babies’ brains being fried this would be black humor at its best (or worse).

 But it is real. No amount of studies “proving” that there is no link between vaccines and autism keep the brain-injured babies from coming. How many more babies’ lives must be ruined and sacrificed before the gods of medical denial?


Why not ask this?

 In this study published in the most recent Journal of Pediatrics they did not do the basic, most commonsense research to see if vaccines cause autism: compare vaccinated with non-vaccinated children to see which group has more autism, allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer, dyslexia, bi-polar disorder, neurological disorders, diabetes, etc.

 It would be easy to do – more and more parents are waking up to the sad reality of vaccine dangers and refusing to have their healthy children vaccinated to prevent diseases that are almost always mild and beneficial (yes, infectious childhood diseases mature the immune system of children and are ultimately beneficial. More on that at another time.)

 So we now have hundreds of thousands, even millions of non-vaccinated children in the US available to study. By the way, with all these non-vaccinated kids running around where are measles, mumps, chicken pox and pertussis?  Whenever there’s an epidemic it is mostly in the vaccinated!

 But I digress.

 Non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Autism in a non-vaccinated child kid is very rare. The fact that is does happen at all is mostly due to other toxic exposures, birth trauma, brain inflammation, antibiotics and other medical interventions.


Why doesn’t the CDC …?

 Why doesn’t the CDC compare vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated? Numerous MDs and healthcare providers claim that the non-vaccinated children they care for have a fraction of the autism, asthma, diabetes etc. than vaccinated children have.

 This CDC study was published in a journal read by those who have the most to gain from vaccines and the most to lose if people stop vaccinating (pediatricians). 

 This paper proves only one thing: passage through medical school erases the ability to perform critical thought.


Doesn’t tell us what we need to know

 The study did not research the MOST IMPORTANT question a parent has: “What are the chances my child may get autism from a vaccine?” Instead it looked at some kids with autism and others without autism and looked at how many vaccines they got. That proves nothing.

 A child may get autism after one vaccine, another after ten and another may not get any obvious systems. All children are different. To further skew the data the researchers carefully screened children from participating who might give the researchers “incorrect” (i.e. accurate) data. This is known as selection bias.

 Researcher Heidi Stevenson critically reviewed the serious faults with the data noticing this (that all other reporters seemed to somehow miss):

 There is no explanation for the high dropout rate of subjects, nor is there an explanation for the significantly different dropout rates between ASD cases (51.9%) and controls (68.3%). More than half of both groups didn’t finish the study, yet we’re left without an explanation. Obviously, this large number could easily have changed the results.

 To continue the selection bias the researchers omitted many children who had a predisposed weakness for getting autism, many neurological diseases (which can be caused by vaccination) and even removed those with one form of autism (Rett syndrome) from the study. 

 This study proves nothing

 The study proves nothing, absolutely nothing.

This study is as meaningful as saying ten kids are vaccinated and one gets autism. Do you now say the vaccine doesn’t cause autism because nine kids didn’t become autistic? That is about the quality of the research we are seeing.


Age of Autism, Isthtar and the movies

 Some insightful perspectives are from the Age of Autism web site at

 One has to wonder on the timing of the announcement of this study, considering the fact that the CDC just released statistics about two weeks ago stating that the rate of autism among school children in the U.S. has now risen to one out of 50.

 Researcher Brian Hooker, Ph.D. comments on this paper:

 Of all of the papers I have reviewed over my 26-year career as a research scientist, this is perhaps the most flawed and disingenuous study I have encountered. The Destefano et al. 2013 study is to science what the movie Ishtar was to cinema.  Read the full story at Health Impact News.



This study can serve a purpose

 The paper from this study would be better served lining bird cages. It was written to lull a concerned population of parents to return to blind obedience. 

 Millions of parents report their child became autistic shortly after receiving vaccines. Who should we believe–a parent who observed firsthand what the vaccines did to their formerly healthy child or researchers working for an agency promoting vaccines (the CDC)?

 As Groucho Marx said, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?

 Autism and neurological disorders increase and increase as the number of vaccines increase.

 Why don’t researchers ask these questions: Is it safe for vaccinated parents to vaccinate their children? Does the amount of damage increase with each vaccinated generation? Do the vaccines cause a genetic miasmatic weakening?

 Could the damage to our children be further compounded by nutrient-deficient foods? By breast milk that is not as nutritious because the mother eats GMOs and takes synthetic “prenatal vitamins” and eats commercial (factory-farmed) beef, fish, chicken and other animal products?

 Rather than look there the medical geniuses say autism might be related to the age of the child’s grandfather (I am not making this up). Take a look at this:


Grandfather’s Age Linked to Autism in Grandchildren

 Men who fathered children after age 50 may be nearly twice as likely to have a grandchild with autism compared with men who had children in their 20s, according to a study based on Swedish health data. The study is the first to suggest that the risk …

 And how much did that bit of loony research set the taxpayers back?

 Let us close with the immortal words of George Carlin commenting on modern medicine:

 They don’t know what they’re doing, it’s all guesswork in a white coat.



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