Sports Injuries And Chiropractic Care


Tedd Koren DC shares his views on health in the following blog. Tedd Koren DC is founder of Koren Publications and Koren Specific Technique (KST)

With the NFL season just about to begin and a rash of Baseball players getting “dinged” by pitches and hits over this past weekend, I think it’s important to state the following: A “ding” on the field is no little thing….

A “ding” may be more serious than expected.  After a “ding” on the field, the shook up athlete may sit on the sidelines for a little while and if they look OK, they often go back (or are sent back) in the game.  That may be a bad idea.

In a recent study, 43 male and female high school athletes who had a mild head concussion were tested for attention, memory, reaction time and information-processing speed within a week of injury. Researchers were shocked when they found a dramatic decrease in memory and an increase in symptoms 36 hours after injury. Quite significantly, those athletes who had on-the-field symptoms lasting longer than 5 minutes had a 500% drop in memory performance.

Anyone who suffers a sports injury, no matter how “mild,” needs a chiropractic checkup to ensure that they aren’t carrying unresolved damage in their body.

Lovell MR, Collins MW, Iverson GL, Johnston KM, Bradley JP. Grade 1 or “ding” concussions in high school athletes. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2004;32:47-54.


Tedd Koren, D.C.

Dr. Koren, originally from Brooklyn, NY, lives in Montgomery County, PA. A graduate of the U of Miami and Sherman College of Chiropractic, he writes, lectures and teaches in the US, Europe and Australia as well as takes care of patients and fights for healthcare freedom. Dr. Koren and his wife Beth have two children.

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    Your blog is great, KST rocks. Keep up the good work.

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