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Happy New Year.

This will be a great year – it’ll be a steady, gradual, ever upward kind of year in which we’ll get wise and stronger. I feel it.

Of course if you’re a Mayan you may be a little nervous since the Mayan calendar supposedly says the world will come to an end in 2012. If that’s the case then, what the hell, go on a cruise (maybe the meteorite will miss you) or climb mountains (you’ll have a great view of the mayhem) or do something you love – what else is there?

Hold on – I’m not a Mayan. You’re not Mayan. Let’s move on (I gotta stop getting so morbid.)

Everyone enjoy 2012. That’s an order. You’ll have an especially great time if you like watching political commercials. Maybe there’s an adjustment to enjoy political commercials? Better still, an adjustment to turn the TV off?

In the meantime please note that the Philly seminar was moved to March 31/April 1st. We had to move it so that it’d be approved for CE credits in Pennsylvania.

Also we’ve got Orlando coming up the first weekend in Feb. and the cruise Feb 11th. There’s still time to register for the cruise.

Go to www.korenspecifictechnique.com

PS. The KST A to Z book is still in the works. All these hundreds of stories take time to organize.

Really interesting POS. Please watch.

Matthew Robbins, DC (drmatt357@hotmail.com) who practices in Tucson, Arizona has created two wonderful videos showing KST in action. In the first he is working on his daughter Sofia who is a ballerina and the second is his working on a patient who is a cellist.

Matt came to the second KST seminar ever. He learned the OD on the skull, then started to use the air OD. He was the first person to modify the OD in that manner – as far as I know. I was intrigued and asked Matt to send me a video of his air OD which he did.

“Where is the OD in these videos?” you may ask. Well, as many of you know the OD doesn’t necessarily need your hands – some people get a visceral “OD”, they just feel it. That happens more and more as you do KST; doctors will sometimes say to me, “I know the occiput has dropped before I put my hands on the patient’s head.” I think that gut or visceral response is ancient and may be the basis for all traditional healing arts.

So Matt is doing challenging, usually with his hands, but feels the OD in his body.
Enjoy the videos. The music is wonderful in both. Matt’s comments are on youtube.

Ballerina and KST

“I have been adjusting dancers for over 20 years. Using the Koren Specific Technique (KST) it’s possible to adjust patients not only in their position of pain but also while in motion. Specifically for dancers, this will improve turn-out, improve extension and flexibility, work on some underlying issues of repeated foot, ankle, knee and hip injuries. It is also possible to help with dance alignment and getting left and right turns to balance and be equally as good. This is great for ballet conditioning and injury prevention.”

Cello POS adjustment

“Using KST to adjust a patient while they’re in the position or during the activity that creates their problem. This is the only adjusting technique with which this can be done.”

In the meantime I hope to see you in the near future. We plan on having advanced classes in every US KST event. Bring friends – the world needs more KST doctors and there’s too many doctors who are bored, suffering and unhappy with their results. Your friends will thank you for it.

The date for the Gatwick, UK seminar is June 9/10. We’re still waiting for the hotel contract to be signed to make it official. Essen, Germany will be June 16/17,

If anyone needs a mentor or has any questions please write to me at tkoren1@aol.com

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Tedd Koren, D.C.

Dr. Koren, originally from Brooklyn, NY, lives in Montgomery County, PA. A graduate of the U of Miami and Sherman College of Chiropractic, he writes, lectures and teaches in the US, Europe and Australia as well as takes care of patients and fights for healthcare freedom. Dr. Koren and his wife Beth have two children.

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