It's always the minority, isn't it?


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It’s always the minority, isn’t it? A small group armed with more passion than resources stand up to the powers that be and sometimes defeat them.

During America’s Revolutionary War a minority of American colonists dreamed there could be independence from the mighty British Empire. The majority of colonists was in favor of remaining with the British crown, actively fought with the British and Hessians against the Continental Army of George Washington or did not support the Continental Congress and the revolutionary cause. The American Revolution was really the first civil war in this country. It is estimated that at best a third of the colonists supported American independence. Many saw their homes, livelihoods and families destroyed in the fighting. Many lost their lives.

We can thank that minority.

Chanukah begins today. It’s been called the “war that saved monotheism.” Alexander the Great had conquered most of the known world from Egypt to parts of India before he died. That included little Israel, homeland of the Jews. Alexander respected the religion of the Jews but his successors did not. Pagan Greeks, Syrians and even many Jews wished to follow Greek culture and completely assimilated into the culture of the day (or century). Some Jews even underwent a painful operation of de-circumcision to look Greek in every way.

Laws were passed denying Jewish practices; the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was filled with statues of Zeus and other gods. As the situation became intolerable a small group of Jews took up arms against the mighty Greek Empire and in a 25 year war regained their independence and the freedom to worship as they wished. Had there been no Chanukah, there would never have been a Christmas.

We can thank that minority.

A few days ago a minority of principled chiropractors took on the powerful Council for Chiropractic Education (CCE) at a meeting near Washington, DC. With dozens of grievances they petitioned and testified against the CCE’s destruction of basic chiropractic as it watered down chiropractic education and wished to add drugs and surgery to chiropractic practice. In effect, walking the path of osteopathy in America – the path of assimilation and destruction.

We can thank that minority … see the results of that meeting lower down in this newsletter.

It’s that time again …

Surviving holiday season of course. This year ends with some very good omens (see below) and unless the earth comes to an end in 2012 as some have predicted we’re going to have some exciting times next year. And if the earth does end in 2012 it’ll still be exciting and I seriously overpaid on my home renovations.

But in the meantime I’m happy to report that as of right now the US government, the Quackbusters or people who really hate freedom of expression are not suing me. Of course that may change tomorrow.

I was once told that Americans tend to begin their presentations with jokes. So here I am, guilty as charged:

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a nativity scene in the United States’ Capital this Christmas season.

This isn’t for any religious reason. They simply have not been able to find three wise men in the Nation’s Capitol.

A search for a virgin continues.

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

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David hits Goliath’s head
CCE slammed in federal hearing

I once heard that CCE could more accurately stand for “Council for Chiropractic Eradication.” The CCE has dramatically increased the cost of chiropractic education, increased requirements for medical subjects and pushed chiropractic philosophy out. Want to know why so many people graduate chiropractic school not knowing how (or why) to adjust? Look at the CCE – it has damaged chiropractic more than the Quackbusters have.

But the CCE got its head handed to it a few days ago as many principled, courageous DCS have had enough and are awakening the chiropractic profession to the coup d’état the CCE has been performing.

What was the CCE’s position?

The CCE made the argument that chiropractors should be permitted to prescribe drugs and do surgery because there aren’t enough MDs and chiropractors should fill the gap. “We are helping the American people because they don’t have enough primary care physicians to prescribe the drugs they need,” says the Council for Chiropractic Education that determines how schools are to teach chiropractic. Any wonder why our profession is in such a mess?

Believe it or not the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) testified on behalf of the CCE.

How did we win?

As many of you know, the US government’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tried to destroy chiropractic in 1995. They went after Koren Publications brochures for saying that babies, infants, pregnant women and people with all kinds of health problems (not just back and neck pain) should see a chiropractor. Had the FTC won they would have been able to censor all chiropractic communication – not just written brochures or pamphlets – but ads and anything they considered “misleading” as defined by their chiropractic-hating advisors. The FTC even said they could fine and arrest DCs who gave lay lectures and didn’t say the “right” things. That included anyone who questioned the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.

I was repeatedly assured by some chiropractic “leaders” that we would lose and to give in.

But we didn’t. With the help of a small minority of DCs and our attorney Jim Turner we defeated the FTC’s attack against Koren Publications and the entire chiropractic profession was saved from destruction. (By the way, Jim is a big supporter of Koren Specific Technique and remains our advisor.)

(Check out the products the FTC could not destroy at and pick up some really great chiropractic patient education for the New Year.)

I am happy to have introduced Jim to the chiropractic profession. A few years ago Jim led the team that got Life University its accreditation back when the CCE abused its power (see: and now he has helped lead the charge against the CCE’s continued abuses of power – and won!!!

Jim Turner, Esq. states:

“The recommendation of the government committee laid the groundwork for the revitalizing of chiropractic education. Everybody should pull together now to correct all the problems we know of from the CCE.”

The ICA reported the following:
ICA was well represented at today’s meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Institution Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) to consider the fate of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE)….
Speaking from the ICA perspective were:
James S. Turner, Esq., ICA General Legal Counsel
Dr. Donald Hirsh, ICA Board Member
Dr. Michael McLean, ICA Board Member
Dr. Stephen P. Welsh, ICA Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Corey Rodnick, ICA Central Regional Director
Mr. Ronald Hendrickson, ICA Deputy Executive Director

Today’s USDE hearing and the issues surrounding the CCE’s application for re-recognition gained the attention of the higher-education media and The Chronicle of Higher Education published on-line a story on the divisions within chiropractic that the CCE controversy was revealing. That article is available online at:

Meet Jim Turner, Esq.

Jim will be on our KST cruise this February and will be speaking on this and other issues. The cruise is open to those who have taken at least one KST seminar (or home study). It’s not too late to register for our Orlando, FL seminar (or home study). Go to for a free video on KST and we hope to see you in the warm, sunny Caribbean.

IFCO SPECIAL BULLETIN (December 15, 2011)
The CCE was strongly reprimanded by the U.S. Department of Education yesterday in a meeting to consider the petition for Renewal of Recognition. The National Advisory Committee of Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) gave the Council 12 months to come into compliance with 42 violations including failure to represent the profession…. Dr. Bill Decken commented, “This was definitely a win for subluxation-centered chiropractic.”
Dr. Don Harte wrote (edited):
Dr. Don Harte, “The Chiropractic Avenger!”
Vol. IX, No. 51, 12/16/11

Two days ago, 12/14/11, was a great day for Chiropractic. We kicked the shit out of the oppressor/destroyer of our schools, the CCE. (Maybe “CCE” stands for “Crap Chiropractic Education?”)

This coming Tuesday evening is the beginning of Hannukah, the Jewish “Festival of Lights.” It is not a religious holiday; it is a cultural, historical holiday. A long time ago, the ancient Greeks occupied Israel. They tried to force the Jews to abandon their religion, their way of life, their G-d. Most Jews went right along with the program, bowing down to the idols of the Greek gods, and even adopting Greek dress and mannerisms. (Maybe it was the gyro sandwiches that won them over. Maybe it was the retsina? Who knows?) Kinda sounds like chiropractors in white coats, armed with cold lasers and disk decompression tables, huh?

The Macabee family, lead by Judas Macabee, believed differently, thought differently, and, consequently, acted differently. They refused to take part in the general moral decay. They took to the hills and launched what may have been the first guerilla war in history. Eventually, against all odds, the Jews, lead by the Macabees, were victorious. They reclaimed the Holy Temple, and re-sanctified it. They found enough oil in the temple lamp to last for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days, which is why Hannukah, ‘The Festival of Lights.” is eight days long.

So, we beat the shit out of the CCE … for the moment. It was a battle, not a war that we won. So, what will we do now? Commander Richard Marchinko, founder of Seal Team Six, says, “Don’t let success go to your head. Otherwise, it will come out of the other end of your anatomy.”

… The CCE is just part of the problem. This whole thing to “keep chiropractic drug-free” is far too small a vision. I ask you, before National stepped way over the line, demanding prescription rights and the right to grant DCM’s, was it a chiropractic college? Did it cease to be a chiropractic college when it took “Chiropractic” out of its name, or did that happen decades ago?

It is now time for us to light our own oil, whatever we have left, and re-consecrate the Temple of Chiropractic, within our ourselves, our practices, our communities, and in the profession as a whole.


Thanks for reading this far down. MY 2012 KST and speaking schedule are being organized and will be on FB, my blog and web site soon.

I’ll be presenting three one-day talks in Pennsylvania for the Chiropractic Fellowship for 12 CE credits each, plus I’ll be speaking in a number of states on vaccination, nutrition and KST (and be giving free demonstrations for some very lucky people).

All this in addition to about a dozen KST seminars in 2012.

So I hope I’ll get to see you in person next year.

By the way, if you’d like to have well-educated patients (and CAs) you can use my monthly newsletter (though they’ll think you wrote it). Please go to: or

We’ve only just begun … Have a great year and fill it with your heart’s desire.

Thank you to all who support our struggle for freedom, growth, health and healing.

Don’t forget to visit my blog at

See you soon. Tedd
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